The new
way to

  • Multiply your contribution by subscribing and donating life insurance.
  • Enhance the impact for a
    community based organization.


J’assure ma cause is a simple, secure and effective financing solution to support registered charities.

Thanks to a quick and simple process, the donor purchases life insurance and names the organization of their choice as beneficiary. After the donor’s death, the benefit is paid to the cause that is dear to them, and the organization receives a sum of money whose value exceeds that of a simple cash donation.


Benefits for your organization

  • Turnkey financing solution
  • 100% online process
  • Additional long term resources
  • $125 donation for each approved donor
  • More significant donations than direct donations


Benefits for donors

  • Tax credits for paid premiums
  • More significant impact than with direct donations
  • Simple process with online calculator
  • Customized insurance policies
  • Possibility of supporting several causes
  • Intentional gesture before death

You work in a registered charity, and the J’assure ma cause approach resonates with you?

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