About us


Help registered charities achieve their mission by maximizing donations to support their activities by offering donors the opportunity to purchase life insurance for their cause, all through a simple, secure and effective online solution.


Create a support movement to allow registered charities to obtain the funds they need to continue offering quality services to the public.

By offering an innovative way to give, J’assure ma cause hopes to contribute to the sustainability of organizations. Encouraging potential donors to optimize the long term impact of their donations is the essence of J’assure ma cause. We wish to create a new habit among donors, change perceptions and open up the donation world.

Our values


Contribute to the essential mission of registered charities, which respond to ever increasing needs.


Use our knowledge to help the community.


Promote the importance of the services offered by registered charities, whose programs are more in demand than ever.


Build healthy, lasting relationships.

Our story

Chantale Vigneault, the founder of J’assure ma cause, has over 20 years of experience in the life insurance industry. The idea for J’assure ma cause came to her while participating in various fundraising events and donation campaigns over the years. Looking to offer more than temporary assistance, she envisioned a long-term solution to meet donors’ desires and the challenges organizations face. The result? A unique approach that combines her expertise and values.

With J’assure ma cause, I can use my experience to make a difference around me. It’s my way of supporting the community and contributing to the funding of registered charities in this post-pandemic context.

Chantale Vigneault
Founder of J’assure ma cause
Financial security advisor

J’assure ma cause inc. is a Quebec registered company. Its no medical insurance products have been tailored.