The J’assure ma cause concept

Simplify the gift of life insurance to support the community

Thanks to an easy and secure process, J’assure ma cause offers a simple and effective financing solution to support the activities of registered charities.


The donor subscribes to life insurance tailored to their budget and needs and names the organization of their choice as beneficiary. Each year (for a maximum of 10 years) or by lump sum donation, the donor pays the premium(s) stipulated in the insurance contract and receives the appropriate tax credits.

When the donor dies, the benefits of their life insurance are paid directly to the beneficiary organization to support services to the community. This amount is tax free. This innovative way of donating offers more benefits than a direct donation to the charity: the amount donated to the registered charity is multiplied, amplifying the donor’s contribution to the cause dear to their heart.

A $125 donation
per donor

Upon approval of a new donor, J’assure ma cause automatically donates $125 to the beneficiary charity. Once a quarter, registered charities with new donors receive a payment reflecting their accumulated donations.

One life
insurance policy,
two donations

The donor’s policy benefits

When a donor dies, the insurer pays the life insurance benefits to the beneficiary charity. Ranging from $5,000 to $250,000 (products without medical exam), the amount varies depending on the insurance contract and the time of the donor’s death.

Are you an organization?

The multiplier effect
of life insurance donations

A life insurance donation means more money in the organization’s pocket without the donor having to pay more. A life insurance donation goes even further than a direct donation, supporting community service even more significantly.

Take a look at concrete examples for donors and organizations.
You’ll see why this innovative way to donate is also the most advantageous.


Anyone who:

  • Is 18 or over
  • Wants to make a commitment for a maximum period of 10 years
  • Wants to make a difference in their community and build a better world
  • Wants to leave their mark, a lasting legacy and create a long term impact
  • Wants to support an important cause
  • Wants to show their appreciation for an organization
  • Wants to make a real and significant impact
  • Wants to make a substantial donation
  • Wants to make a gesture of gratitude that extends a life

If you are not in good health and have medical conditions, you’ll find yourself in the Gold plan. However, if you are in good health, you will fall into the Platinum category.

  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • One time payment

The no-medical insurance contract generally begins within 24-48 hours of the initial premium being received.

The premium deposit account is used to deposit the lump sum to pay future premiums. The balance is interest free.

Please contact us at 1 833 488 3003 or A member of our team specializing in major donors at J’assure ma cause will gladly assist you.

Yes, depending on the insurer’s policies:

The maximum donation amount is generally 25% of your net worth, provided your traditional insurance needs have been covered.

Yes, click here to see the policy.

The idea for J’assure ma cause came to Chantale while participating in various fundraising events and donation campaigns over the years. Looking to offer more than temporary assistance, she envisioned a long-term solution to meet donors’ desires and the challenges organizations face.